what we do

SEO, Digital & Inbound Marketing

SEO and quality content have become the most significant factors in successful site performance. At Hark, we offer in-house SEO, digital, and inbound marketing services to utilize your content best and offer insights into traffic-yielding strategies. Our team helps evolve clients’ publishing strategies by creating high-quality, engaging content to reach the audiences you want to connect with most.

Search Engine Optimization

We all strive to get our sites to rank highly, but a beautiful site and basic SEO isn’t going to bring in the traffic alone. Our SEO team analyzes dozens and dozens of variables when optimizing your site's for improved rankings. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing but here we stay on top of the most recent trends. We help you get on top of search engine rankings, and stay there via our time tested processes.

Content Strategy

Technical SEO strategy helps bring users to you, but optimized, engaging content is why they stay. We help create, display, and market top quality content that will not only draw new leads to you, but keep your customers coming back for more.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

We help you reach your customers on the paid platforms that matter most. As a certified Google Partner, we’re well-versed in Google Adwords and Analytics as well as paid advertising on various social platforms. We ensure our PPC marketing service is going to help your brand reach its goals.

Email Marketing

Nobody likes a crowded inbox - we want to help you break through the clutter. We implement the most important factors to email marketing such as engaging headlines, entertaining graphics, valuable content, and a clear CTA to your email blasts. Using opt-in based lead capturing strategy and segmentation, we ensure that your audience receives the amount of communication and services they want. Whether you’re promoting, sharing, or reminding, Hark helps get those emails clicked and read instead of moved to the trash.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing isn’t just posting your recent photos and thoughts - it’s using solid strategy and analytics to create a story that your consumers can relate to, trust, and share. We help you create with a purpose.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our goal at Hark is to help you reach yours. Goals can vary - maybe you want users to fill out a form, become customers or subscribe. Whatever it may be, we help you understand how these users move through your site, what catches their eye, what doesn’t and how this information can help increase your conversion rate.

Display Advertising

Seeking to reach an audience beyond your existing site visitors? We can help drive traffic to your site with display ads, roadblock sponsorships, and social sponsorships.

Video Branding

It’s no secret that everyone loves video. Over the past year each day all aggregate users have spent close a billion hours watching video. Video is a quick, effortless way to view information that differs from reading another listicle. We help you create the content that connects with your audience, generates traffic and stays relevant. If a picture is worth 1000 words, a video is worth 10,000...

Blog Post Creation and Social Media Planning

One of the most valuable currencies for garnering a digital audience is having well-crafted, regular content on your website and across your social media platforms. The problem often arises when it comes down to writing and generating content with any regularity. At Hark, we’ll help you craft content, strategize your communication mediums, and come up with an editorial calendar to ensure your site and social media presence is as user-friendly as possible.



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