Resolute Racing

Rhode Island-based racing shell manufacturer, Resolute Racing, needed a new website and approach to its eCommerce paltform that allowed them to sell their products through a revamped online shop. We worked with Resolute to develop a polished, modern look to mirror the quality of their shells through both word and design. By updating their preexisting look, we kept Resolute’s overall feel but updated their website to reflect a cutting edge quality while still retaining the personality of the brand.

One of the many aspects that distinguish Resolute from their competitors is their use of carbon fiber and aerospace-grade composites—two things that can be challenging to communicate in layman’s terms. We worked with Resolute to provide succinct written content and design simple, easy-to-follow visuals that help demonstrate the uniqueness of their materials.


  • Messaging Platform
  • Drupal Ecommerce deployment
  • Online branding and photo/video creation
  • Technological rendering of shells
  • Digital marketing and traffic driving