what we do

Brand Strategy & Identity

Brand strategy and identity are the foundation of any organization’s communication platform. Without this vision, many businesses are shooting in the dark in their attempts to grow. From foundational messaging to vision to a new corporate logo, we offer a comprehensive approach to establishing and implementing your brand identity.

Brand Discovery and Strategy

Your success starts and ends with your brand. Your brand is more than a logo, more than your website, or messaging -Its the sum of all the interactions with your business, products and employees. From initial research on marketplace perceptions and brand exploration workshops to the eventual brand platform creation, we collaborate with our clients to help bring their messages to the world.

Brand Relaunch

There are points in a companies evolution when a rebranding can help drive it to a new level. Whether a simple logo refresh is the right path, or a ground up restrategization of your positioning and core messaging; Hark delivers highly impactful branded experiences.

Strategic Planning for Digital

We help you develop a strategic plan for approaching digital marketing and give you the results that matter.

Publishing Strategy and Calendar

It’s not enough to just create top-notch content. It’s important to have an optimal strategy in place to help your digital publishing schedule. We use our expertise to ensure that you’re posting the right content at the right time.

Concept Generation

Great ideas can be hard to come by. At Hark, our team of creatives generate unbelievable concepts to help develop the emotion behind your brand.

Social Media Branding

Social media presence is becoming an increasingly important factor to your brand. Social media allows your brand to appear more human to consumers and gives them an opportunity to directly communicate and connect with you. We help you develop a strong strategy that sets you apart and allows users to interact easily with your brand.

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