One Small Thing

The UVM Medical Center needed a full-service solution for their annual wellness and healthy behaviors campaign. Our solution brought all hands on deck to build an omni-channel outreach campaign dedicated to changing the lives of individuals one step at a time.

One Small Thing was the concept that Hark developed to focus the strategy and visual design to make the perception of change as straightforward as possible.

For the UVM Medical Center, we wanted to create the campaign branding with a sense of energy and openness to appeal to a large audience who might be resistant to making any lifestyle changes.

One small thing served as the lynchpin concept in our creative endeavors, informing all the deliverable from copywriting and digital outreach, through to the website and incentive programs.

At the core of the project was the web experience and incentive campaign. We sought to both motivate participants via awards and prizes, and inspire them to take the first steps toward living well. The color palette helped to brighten the normally dreary and grey month of January, the month in which it commenced.

Changing Behaviors

The One Small Thing campaign’s engagement strategy was designed using behavior change and behavioral economics best practices and featured tiered levels of tailored communication and reward incentives to individuals interested in healthy lifestyle changes.

This strategy met and engaged with individuals regardless of their behavior-change and physical-activity status—whether they were in the information- gathering stage, the contemplation stage, or activation/action and maintenance stages.

We’re excited to report that after the six-week campaign period, participants experienced, on average, a 21% increase in physical activity, a 14% increase in quality of diet, a 10.5% increase in quality of sleep, and a 5.5% reduction in stress level.

We loved the opportunity to bring the idea of small changes leading to larger outcomes to the campaign, and had fun with the concept by changing famous quotes to show how powerful just one word, or action, can be.

“Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!

I’m so impressed by what you and the team have put together.

We could not have done this without you.”

– Marketing & Brand Supervisor UVM Medical Center