Kafina Energy

Kathleen and Heather, the co-founders of Kafina Energy, came to us with a vision. In sharing their shamanic-inspired, organic, plant-based energy elixir with the world, they were embarking on a mission to fuel, restore, and awaken people through the healing power of plants. We were thrilled to join them on their journey.  It was up to the Hark team to collaborate, strategize, and conceptualize the unique messaging of a brand that set out to spread an important message to a diverse audience. From logo design and branded packaging to an integrated e-commerce website, the Hark team had the opportunity to evolve a new idea into a fully-developed brand identity that could be communicated across the borders of digital communication.

Kafina is made from organic, plant based ingredients

“We are on a mission to
fuel, restore and awaken
people through the healing
power of plants.”

Kafina’s rebranding project allowed us to craft a multi-channel brand identity which spoke not only to the wellness sector, but to an audience that includes fitness enthusiasts, working professionals, organic food devotees, environmental advocates, warrior moms, vegan-friendly consumers, and shamanic believers.

We began by creating Kafina’s unique look and feel, color palette, font, and imagery, based on the mission statement that inspired their product. We set out to create an identity that captured the grounded yet ethereal goddess Kafina, which was in essence, the patron mascot of the brand.

Defining an Industry Leader

After several months of us immersing ourselves in the world of wellness and energy products, Hark launched an innovative branding plan that attracted new consumers to Kafina by positioning it as a leader in its category. Our goal was to speak the language of plant-based health enthusiasts already well-versed in the subject of herbal supplements while not alienating the curious consumer. The result was a brand that could speak both practically and eloquently, able to compete in the natural products industry as well as the luxury wellness industry.

Benefits of Kafina

A Successful Launch

In the months following the launch, Kafina received significant long term funding from investors and had signed distribution contracts with store chains in Vermont and New York. The new website gained a surge of traffic in both paid and organic channels, and social media reach had a net increase of 1141% over 3 weeks.

Kafina contact details

“Kafina’s origin, founder, and product story are rich and deep yet we needed to break it down into digestible pieces while pulling it together.  Hark translated that perfectly.”

“We’re in the top 15% of all sites and stores that have launched in the same time as Kafina, with a conversion rate 2x the average of typical sites. We get non-stop compliments on our packaging and our website, the language we use, and how the brand story really comes through.  We couldn’t be happier.”

– Kathleen O’Brien and Heather Beach
Kafina Energy co-founders

What stood out to you about this project?

Hark stood out on every level from design to execution.  They brought the vision to life seamlessly but then also always were quick to think and plan ahead, not just for our needs today but our needs months from now so we could really build a sustainable foundation for our brand.  The Hark team is also so easy to collaborate with in such a creative and collaborative way!

– Kafina