Forterro is recognized as an industry leader serving industrial SMEs around the globe with a series of specialized ERP companies. After several years of success and expansion, the Forterro team approached Hark with a “good” problem – they were faced with the task of making necessary adjustments across the board in order to make room for the rapid growth and evolution that had taken place as the company segmented into multiple, unique brands.

Forterro had outgrown its original market position and brand identity through numerous acquisitions, new product offerings, and niche market accommodations that had developed over years of constant growth. 

This project was more than just a website re-design. Forterro had become a cumulation of 9 international sub-brands, Sylob, Silog, ProConcept, Jeeves, Helios, Garp, Clip Industrie, BPSC, and Alcora. Each brand needed a new visual persona, logo, typeface, color palette, and so on. Hark was responsible for defining the unique identity of these 9 different brands while also uniting them as pieces of a greater whole under the Forterro umbrella.


A Family of Brands – A Line in the Sand

We determined a singular visual theme to unite each of the 9 brands. The idea was that each logo should represent “a line in the sand,” drawn using a singular, unbroken line. The result was a series of designs all sharing a distinct identifier, yet could each stand alone as an independent entity.

Each logo was treated as a stand-alone brand within the overarching Forterro theme. When grouped together, the logos appear clean, consistent, and purposeful.

Because Forterro is an international company with brands based out of France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Poland, we needed to design logos that could span language barriers.

In addition to their new logos, each brand received a set of brand standards, business cards, branded document formats, reporting and presentation templates, and independently designed websites.

Final Word

The Forterro Group project presented Hark with multiple challenges. We were tasked to create 9 independent brand identities that could speak their own messages, in their own languages, while also manifesting the Forterro reputation at large. Working in various time zones we successfully integrated the vision of each branch into a singular purpose, articulated beyond the barriers of language and culture.