The One Hive Foundation is a non-profit that supports research and community partners that promote pollinator health and ecologically responsible agriculture. The organization came to Hark intending to formalize its brand identity and establish its digital presence.

Bird and one hive foundation drawing on a page

“Hark’s innovative solutions and dedicated team played a crucial role in the seamless launch of our private foundation’s brand and website.”

Through this project, One Hive aimed to promote information to other organizations across Vermont and beyond, and spread awareness for their grant funding opportunities.

The Hark team began with the research phase that would inform how the foundation wanted to be perceived by the general public. This insight gave the team a solid understanding of what the brand positioning needed to be.


One hive logo


One Hive Foundation badge logo


Although a brand is much more than just the logo, it’s important that the logo speaks to what the organization is about. The One Hive logo is made up of disparate elements coming together to form the whole, representing a diverse community and its collective survival. The colors and logo elements also represent nature and optimism, and are bright, eye-catching, and easily recognizable.

One Hive Typography


It was important that the branding conveyed the foundation’s values: science-based, inclusivity, community, collaboration and family. This was done through photography selection, illustrative elements, and the brand’s voice throughout the site.


One Hive Colors


One Hive icons

Brand colors reflect natural environments, iconography feels like a scientific illustration, and photography showcases actual community and family members working to improve the environment around them. The Hark team made extra effort to only include images of pollinators and plants native to Vermont to ensure all imagery was authentic to the brand and organizational goals.

From the hive to the web

After the brand work was completed, the Hark team started work on the foundation’s website and web presence. The primary goal of the website was to serve as a hub of information about the foundation and its funding opportunities.

As a new organization, the site needed to establish the foundation as a legitimate scientific organization and trusted source of information and funds. The SEO & digital strategy team ensured web traffic would be driven to the site and it was easy to find and navigate.


Our team was able to help the foundation with a strong web launch and brand rollout ahead of their RFP process launch allowing other organizations and non-profits to get funding through One Hive. The site launched just in time for a debut at the International Beekeeping Convention in Chile, where the team received great feedback from the community.

“From crafting a distinctive logo to designing an informative, easy-to-use website, their expertise was evident every step of the way. Thanks to Hark, our mission to promote the health of managed and wild bees has gained tremendous momentum.”