Bogen Communications

The web is alive with the sound of music, and public service announcements. Bogen Communications is making waves across the web with their brand new website! Hark recently partnered with Bogen to help bring the 88 year old speaker and sound equipment maker into their digital future with an overhaul of their branding, site structure, product organization, and analytics. What started with a reorganization of the prior website, and a brand refresh, evolved into a cohesive reimagining that propelled the organization forward.

“It’s been an excellent team effort leading up to this important day by both Hark and Bogen personnel across a wide swath of departments and responsibilities. I congratulate and thank you all for the hard work and dedication to get this across the finish line.”

While the design team was working on updating Bogen’s brand guide in anticipation for the new web design, the digital marketing team was busy moving Bogen into Sharpspring in order to have a better understanding of inbound marketing, lead nurturing and trackable forms. We’re all excited to see the results of the new digital marketing effort and overall web lift over Q3 and Q4 this year.

Brand Identity

For the updated brand identity Hark wanted to strategically positing more appropriately, with a look to the future by expanding their existing color palette and broadening font library. First, Hark updated Bogen’s blue centric palette by creating a hue spectrum that included a dark-matte navy accompanied by a fresh pop of teal to counter-balance and add new energy. The design team also counseled Bogen to update their typography collection guiding them towards the modern-web friendly Montserrat.


Once the information architecture phase was complete with the new brand colors and fonts, Hark was ready to begin design on the new website. First and foremost we highlighted the spectrum of product offerings within the Bogen marketplace, and illustrated the vast number of uses for all the Bogen sound systems in various settings. A modern and user friendly website was crafted in order to allow contractors faster access to the products related to their industries. Hark was able to elevate the digital environment by coupling a beautiful desktop version of the site with an equally friendly mobile environment. Having a mobile site allows contractors in the field the ability to quickly look up t products relevant to their projects, as well as access the technical support library in the field.

“This is the most important first step in Marketing’s plans to create a new digital footprint and presence so we can be found more easily, be better known, be considered more often, win more often and build a loyal customer advocate base.”

While it is true in the design world we’re told seeing is believing, when it comes to Bogen, hearing is believing. The the vast collection of sound systems available on, made live through the collaborate efforts of the Hark + Bogen teams showcases what can be achieved when art meets science.