TrueCommerce is a global software company specializing in electronic data interchange (EDI), digital storefronts/marketplaces, product information management, and inventory management. They have been growing rapidly in recent years and needed an updated website that would communicate a clearer understanding of their brand and various product lines to target audiences.

The website serves as a critical lead generation tool for TrueCommerce.

Search engine optimization is the primary driver of traffic to the site, so preserving and enhancing SEO was of paramount importance. This was accomplished through a thorough content & code audit process.

Global Reach

The site spans five regions – US, UK, France, Belgium, and Denmark – and three languages. We built the site on the Drupal content management system in order to take advantage of its advanced multi-site and multi-lingual capabilities, handling the unique content needs of each region while sharing a common look and feel across the board.

TrueCommerce Logo

To meet the increasing number of users not on traditional desktop PCs, the site was built in a mobile-first responsive manner and is 100% functional on any size mobile or tablet device.


As a rapidly-growing business, TrueCommerce needed to integrate many acquired web properties into their new, unified site. We worked with them to develop a robust and intuitive site structure to accommodate this large amount of content – over 1000 unique pages altogether.

Open office
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Final Word

TrueCommerce presented Hark with challenges not only in terms of scale, but also unique design and technical needs. We believe we have created a website which accomplishes their original objectives, while also remaining flexible enough to keep up with new marketing initiatives into the future.