We especially love projects that impact the health and wellbeing of Vermonters (and New Englanders in this case).  This was the overarching goal when partnering with the newly established UVM Center on Rural Addiction (CORA)—to create an inspirational brand identity and engaging and versatile website that embody their mission of “helping patients by helping providers.”

CORA’s color palette and logo were crafted to reflect the earthy and rejuvenating vibes of rural America—supplemented with academic accents to keep the new brand connected to its parent organization, UVM. The web build challenged us to create a user-friendly but novel organizational web system to house CORA’s robust resources. We built the site using Gatsby, which is a free and open source coding framework based on React. These platforms help developers build super fast websites by packaging only what each page needs and only that. In addition, this approach offers a rich plugin library, which gives the site a fully custom feel, while maximizing efficiency during the build process.


  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Strategy & Content Direction
  • Marketing Materials Design
  • Web Design & Development