Vermont Mobile Website Design

At Hark we love being able to invest in our local community which is why we were excited to partner with the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce (LCRCC). We developed a refreshed content strategy to increase Vermont tourism through garnering more web traffic. Together we transformed their website to both function alongside the four other branches of the LCRCC and also stand on its own. While making sure to retain a unique Vermont flair, we focused on modernizing the site through social content creation, banner development, media placement and creating a calendar module for event promotion.

Through this partnership we’ve been able to help the LCRCC reach their goal of increasing web traffic and on-site time by over 30%. Winter, spring, summer or fall, is attracting and retaining visitors to our site and more importantly, our state.


  • Complex IA rework to combine 6 sites
  • Drupal CMS deployment
  • Custom Calendar module development
  • Creation of digital strategy for enhanced site traffic and revenue
  • Visual rebranding