Java Trading

Dedicated to sustainability and commitment to ethical farming and trading practices, Java Trading brings the world’s finest 100% Arabica coffee to consumers across the globe. Our collaboration with this international seed-to-cup company took us to some incredible places. Along with an exciting new website, Hark joined the Java Trading team on expeditions to coffee groves and farming communities to capture spectacular footage and captivating imagery in the jungles of Costa Rica.

“Sustainability & Social Responsibility are our passion! Coffee sustainability is an intricate weave of resources and people. It is the care for our farms’ delicate ecological systems and the deep respect, good wages and living conditions for our farmers and their families that help to create thriving, sustainable communities.”

Java Trading

The gorgeous landscape of Central America provided more than enough inspiration for our video shoot. Not to mention it gave us the perfect excuse to make use of our new drone equipment. Intoxicated by the implicit splendor of the landscape and the bold cultural identity of its people, we crafted a visual experience to evoke the mission of Java Trading.

That mission, in short, is to share the fruits of a worldwide journey of agricultural sustainability, cultural integrity, and paramount production quality with coffee-lovers everywhere.

Map graphic and text overlaid on mountains - sustainability mission

An Eco-Conscious Endeavor

The dedication to sustainability and social responsibility is a pursuit that resonates with our own ideals and morals. Hark is proud to count Java Trading among the many clients who strive for a cleaner, smarter, and more accountable future. Java Trading supports their international partners with programs to provide housing, preventative medical and dental care, and renovation projects for schools and community organizations. In order to reduce the carbon footprint in these countries, Java Trading has developed biomass furnaces to eliminate the need for wood fuel, as well as responsibly-planned and planted groves that guard against erosion and soil imbalance. With environmental protection as the key objective, hydroelectric generators were designed to take advantage of nearby rivers to produce renewable, non-polluting power.

three computer screens with Java trading website visuals