New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions



We got a little carried away with our New Year resolutions this year, so we encouraged our clients to do the same. Our design team put together a special thank-you gift for our friends to inspire them to make (and keep!) a wide variety of next-level resolutions.

Cards in the deck feature beautiful, uniquely designed New Year resolutions to display on a desk, keep in your wallet, or drop casually in a public area for some anonymous guerrilla inspiration. We wanted these suggestions to be as diverse as possible, so there was something for everyone in the mix. Here are some of our favorites:

For the realist:

  1. Cook a meal at home
  2. Stop using plastic bottles
  3. Bike to work

For the creative dreamer:

  1. Write a poem
  2. Gaze at the stars
  3. Learn to play a musical instrument

For the rebel scum:

  1. Color outside the lines
  2. Eat dessert first
  3. Join a cult

For the wild card:

  1. Wrangle a unicorn
  2. Take a selfie with bigfoot
  3. Walk on the moon

You don’t need to tell us that 2019 is going to be insane. Just ask bigfoot.


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