Table of food including breads and baked goods from Aspire Bakeries.

Aspire Bakeries Virtual Walkthrough


We are proud to announce the launch of the new Aspire Bakeries website, designed and developed by Hark. In addition to the mouthwatering photography (great job, Aspire Bakeries team!), here are some of our favorite design elements:

  • Texture: We brought the site to life with textured photo treatments and borders that emulate the fine plumes of flour that billow in every bakery
  • Illustration: Sketches of baked goods accent on-page content throughout the site
  • Intimacy: From plaid tablecloths to linen rags, bakery staples are design elements on key pages
  • Typography: Cursive type appears in real-time, as if a baker was scribbling down a recipe
  • Interactivity: Designed with responsiveness in mind, the site’s interactive elements not only withstand the test of mobile environments, but shine through
  • Usability: The site’s information architecture was translated into a clean, easy-to-use navigation


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