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Hark Levels Up Digital Marketing Game



In 2019, Hark welcomed a new Director of Digital Marketing to the team. Kylie Halpin brings a wealth of knowledge in the digital and paid advertising arena, overseeing content and paid marketing, website SEO, channel distribution, user behavior tracking, engagement strategy, and social media planning and execution.

Offering up a full suite of marketing and digital strategy services, Vermont native Kylie Halpin leads the charge on providing our clients with all the tools and insights needed to get ahead in the digital landscape. Whether it’s creating tailored campaigns to drive traffic, growing brand recognition through engaging and memorable content, or finding the right mix of channels to optimize a marketing budget, the Hark mission is to communicate your brand effectively to the right people.

“Digital advertising platforms are becoming smarter and more automated, but that doesn’t mean less work for us,” Kylie stated. “On the contrary, we need to be thinking more creatively about how we’re communicating across paid and organic channels in a digital landscape growing increasingly competitive.”

Drawing from a range of marketing insights, Kylie brings experience to the table that combines the practical, hands-on expertise of an agency marketer with the multifarious oversight of an in-house manager. This mobility allows for a seamless transition between all the different facets of digital marketing that our clients find valuable, incorporating content strategy, brand identity, budget optimization and distribution, behavior tracking and analytics, search engine marketing, and social media engagement.

About her new role, Kylie says, “I find shifting between a brand’s perspective and the view point of the audience to be a voyeuristic experience. To challenge myself to see things differently is inspiring; it’s a moral pursuit in my personal life that I get to practice every day as a professional.”


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