Halloween 2020


Hark is excited to work in collaboration with the Halloween & Costume Association, Harvard Global Health Institute, and the CDC to make Halloween safe this year!

Hark, a Vermont based web and graphic design firm, is excited to partner with the CDC, Harvard Global Health Institute, and the Halloween & Costume Association to help make Halloween both fun and safe this year during COVID-19.

The founder of Hark, Jeffrey Harkness saw this project as a great follow up to the COVID work that Hark has been doing with the Vermont Department of Health. Harkness recalled “At Hark we’re always looking for opportunities to help the community at large, and when we were presented the opportunity to collaborate with the CDC, and The Harvard Global Health initiative we saw the value immediately.”

This year, navigating safety measures while making halloween fun will prove a challenge. Hark has designed an intuitive website with this specific problem in mind which makes it easy to celebrate the holiday safely.
The website includes a COVID risk map which allows viewers to see the risk level in their community, and based on your county’s risk level, various innovative Halloween activities are suggested for everyone from kids to adults. The guidelines and activities are all supported by the CDC and Harvard Global Health Institute. Included on the site is a Safe House Pledge that users can take and then print a sign to hang in their window.

Suggestions vary based on the county risk level but there are many activities that can be done regardless of risk. Some of these universal suggestions include Porch Pics, Dress for Dinner, Costume Tik Toks, or Candy Stations. With so many ideas, this year’s halloween is sure to be fun despite COVID-19.

In these challenging times, Hark is looking to help make a difference in the lives of everyday people. Hark is thrilled to launch this project as part of this undertaking.

Check out the spooky fun for yourself: https://www.halloween2020.org/


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