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Why Burlington’s Tech Leaders are Supporting Ting


On October 27th Burlington Tech leaders, including our own Jeffrey Harkness, supported Russ Scully as he read a signed statement from the group encouraging city counselors to choose Ting as Burlington’s telecom buyer. The statement included multiple objectives as to why Ting would be beneficial to both tech leaders and the Burlington community.

The tech community applauds the efforts of Keep Burlington Telecom Local (KBTL) and understands that the idea of “local” appeals emotionally to the community. However, being part of the tech community, it’s vital that our businesses have access to reliable and affordable high speed internet and phone services. We believe that as a partner, Ting will not only operate Burlington Telecom but reach further and boost the entire community, attracting the next generation of businesses and workers.

The benefits of a Burlington Telecom powered by Ting are extensive. Ting being a stable profitable company with experience and expertise allows for significant investment into Burlington’s community and economy. Ting is committed to keeping all current staff and is encouraging all staff to stay local as well. This will allow for many well paying jobs to become available in Burlington. Not only will the the job market flourish, Ting pledges to invest $250K into the community and provide free co-working spaces and Gigabit wifi zones.

In addition to Ting bringing various opportunities to Burlington, it also carries an excellent track record with consumers.Ting is committed to a competitive pricing model backed by a history of never raising rates in either mobile or fiber segments. Not to mention that their average mobile bill is only $23/mo. Ting also has excellent customer service with a commitment to expand support hours.

Lastly, Net Neutrality has been a wide-spoken issue for awhile and Ting’s CEO Elliot Noss has been a leading voice on the issue. Not only does the fight for net neutrality dramatically affect the tech industry it also alters how individuals use the web. Thus, having the CEO of Ting be an advocate for Net Neutrality will only protect individuals rights to care-free internet usage.

Burlington tech leaders strongly believe that Ting would be a superior choice for Burlington. The statement concluded with the recommendation that the Burlington City Council choose Ting to take Burlington Telecom to it’s fullest potential as a force for growing local jobs and opportunities.

Read the full press release here.

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